1.1. How to create user account?
At DESK home page in upper right corner press the button «REGISTER». Start filling the registration form. After You finish the procedure, press «SIGN UP»
1.2. How to use your account?
At DESK home page in upper right corner press the button «SIGN IN». After authorization, in upper right corner press the button «PROFILE». You are now in your account where You can change Your contact information, password, view the courses You have bought and the events You have visited.
1.3. How to use website search?
At DESK home page in the upper part there is «SEARCH» field. Enter a key word and press «SEARCH».
2.1. How to view detailed information and buy the chosen course?
At DESK home page in the upper part press the button «COURSES». In «COURSES» section choose the course You need from the list of found courses, or use filters for detailed search. Press the chosen course and get detailed information about it. In order to buy the chosen course press the button «BUY». If the course is free, You have to press the button «START LEARNING / ENROLL THE COURSE» and pass the registration/authorization procedure for the course.
2.2. How to buy at DESK shop?
At DESK home page there is «SHOP» section. You can review all available products or use filters for detailed search. Choose a product You liked, and press it to get detailed information about the product. To pay for product, You can add it to your cart at the search or description page. After you have added product to your cart, press the button «VIEW CART» or press the cart image in the upper part of the page. View your cart and pay for the order.
2.3. How to buy a ticket for event?
At DESK home page press the button «EVENTS». Choose an event You would like to visit and press it. At this page You can get all available information about the event. In order to buy a ticket, press the button «BUY» and choose the most convenient event format.
2.4. Payment options
To pay for services on DESK You can use:
  • for courses: Visa or MasterCard credit cards using LiqPay or Privat24
  • for events: Visa or MasterCard credit cards using LiqPay or Privat24, or You can pay cash for ticket before the event starts.
  • products: Visa or MasterCard credit cards using LiqPay or Privat24, or You can pay cash on delivery in case it`s possible.
3.1. How to use search filters?
In «COURSES» section in upper part of the page there are filters that will help You choose a course that suits your needs. Start your search with choosing course category, select a course type (academic / science-popular / corporate / post graduate). You can also choose difficulty level of the course (basic / intermediate / profound / advanced), partner organization presenting course, and a preferred language.
3.2. Step-by-step registration and access to course
If a paid course:
STEP 1: at the About Course page press the button «BUY» and pass the registration/authorization and purchasing procedure.
STEP 2: after successful payment, You will receive an E-mail on Your mailbox. Follow a special link in this E-mail.
STEP 3: fill the registration form on our educational platform with additional information. Please enter correct information, since this information will be shown on Your certificate after You successfully pass the course.
STEP 4: press the button «CREATE ACCOUNT». Visit Your mailbox again and open confirmation letter. Follow the link to verify Your identity.
STEP 5: Congratulations! You`ve activated Your account. Press the button «Dashboard» and enjoy the course on DESK.
3.3. Dashboard appearance
Once You have verified your account on DESK, You will be taken to dashboard. At the top of the page there are 4 key sections: “Main Page”, where you can get acquainted with the program, schedule, latest news about the course, as well as download additional materials for the course; “Course”, where you can learn more about the structure of the course and start learning; “Discussion”, which serves as a forum where you have the opportunity to communicate with the lecturer and other students; “Progress”, where you can see your results in the process of learning and passing exams.
3.4. Course structure
The course structure is individual, but has a number of common elements. Each course consists of blocks, which are large subject categories and cover a large set of topics. On average, each block consists of 3+ topics, and each topic includes 10+ lectures, each lasting up to 15 minutes. Between lectures there are test assignments and other forms of knowledge testing, which are obligatory for obtaining the necessary number of points for further acquiring an academic certificate. In the case of popular science courses, a form of knowledge testing may be missing. All courses also have useful links and additional materials (textbooks, notes, presentations, infographics, etc.) that will help you to learn the chosen course more profound.
3.5. Can I communicate with a lecturer?
During the course you will be able to communicate with the lecturer and other students through the forum. In special cases or in situations where the course program provides it, you can contact a lecturer through Skype, Messenger or other similar services, having previously obtained written consent from the lecturer at a time convenient for both parties.
3.6. Is taking the exam a compulsory procedure?
Passing the exam is a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate. However, if you are interested in the content of the course, and not the certificate, the exam is not compulsory.
4.1. What are the benefits of a certificate?      
The certificate serves as a form of recognition of your knowledge and achievements of the course, gives academic credits if provided by the program of the course, and becomes an advantage in your resume.
4.2. Conditions for obtaining a certificate
The condition for obtaining a certificate is the successful completion of the course by the number of points exceeding the passage barrier. This, in turn, means the completion of all forms of knowledge assessment and other tasks for the number of points, which in aggregate will allow you to score points more than passing barrier. In the case of popular science courses, the form of knowledge testing is not a condition for obtaining a certificate, and the certificate is issued with the mark “attended the course”.
4.3. Types of certificates     
There are 4 types of certificates on DESK according to the category of courses: academic, popular science, corporate, postgraduate.
4.4. I met all the requirements for obtaining a certificate, where can I find it?
Once you have successfully passed the course on the number of points that exceeds the passing barrier, you can see the final score and certificate in your account in dashboard.
4.5. Will my certificate indicate the number of points / credits I have earned?
Yes, the certificate will indicate the number of points / credits for the course passed.
4.6. Is the certificate included in the course price?
DESK certificate is absolutely free. When you buy any course, you pay only for the hours that the lecturer spent to record the course.
4.7. Can I print a copy of the certificate?
Yes, right after the certificate has been issued in your dashboard, you will have the opportunity to print it.
4.8. Is my personal information protected from third parties?
Yes, DESK does not disclose personal information of its users to third parties.
4.9. I found an error in my name in the certificate, can I fix it?
Yes, you can correct the mistake in your name in the dashboard. Your name in the certificate will automatically change to the required one.
4.10. I’m not interested in getting a certificate, can I register and go through the course?    
Yes, getting a certificate is not obligatory if you are interested only in the content of the course.
4.11. Is there a deadline for obtaining a certificate?
No, you receive a DESK certificate on demand. You can generate it yourself in your dashboard, and in case of technical difficulties, apply to the administration with a similar request.
5.1. DESK Event Formats  
DESK holds four types of events: online broadcast, live format, online course and full package (live format + online course). Detailed information about each format can be found on the page of any event.
5.2. Can I get a popular science certificate?    
Yes, this option is available to anyone who has purchased a popular science online course. Online broadcasting and live format do not allow you to obtain a popular science certificate.
5.3. I bought a ticket to the event, but could not visit it due to force majeure circumstances. Can DESK Administration make advances or some compensation for me?       
Money for purchased tickets on live format can not be refunded. However, you will be able to pay the difference and get the event you would like to attend in the form of an online course with the opportunity to get a certificate.
5.4. Can I purchase a ticket without a pre-registration?       
Yes, you can pay a ticket right before the event.
5.5. Are there discounts for privileged categories of people and what are the conditions for receiving them?    
The privileged categories include pensioners, full-time students and schoolchildren. Discount for preferential categories is 50% of the standard ticket price. To receive discounts for the abovementioned categories of people, you must present a pension certificate, student card or child ticket, respectively.