The idea of creating DESK School of Science belongs to the prominent scientists of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, Victor Dosenko and Dmitry Isaev, and the founder of DESK, Alex Volodarskiy.

We had a very simple and a very difficult task at the same time – to popularize science among our youth by drawing them to cooperation with the scientists from Institute of Physiology, which is considered to be a leading institute of neurophysiology and molecular pathology in Ukraine.

DESK School of Science is a unique opportunity for teenagers and high school students to taste real science! Teenagers will be able to participate in scientific experiments along with the best young scientists of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology!

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Classes in our school are held in small groups, usually 8-10 pupils.

Each kid will gain practical skills such as: to give an injection to a rat, to isolate ovule, to make a megaomic contact with a nerve cell, to measure the concentration of oxygen in your friend`s body while exercising etc.

Our Advantages
  • Your child can carry out interesting experiments himself!

  • We are the first school in Ukraine where we have real scientists as teachers!

  • We offer modern science that can`t be found in old books!

  • Let your child open his/her talents when being mentored by prominent scientists!