The idea of creating SPECTRE belongs to the founder of INGO «Children with autism support foundation «Child with future»,  Inna Sergiyenko. The foundation has done many great things for autistic children: opened a kindergarten school; signed Memorandum with Institute of correctional pedagogics of Dragomanov National Pedagogics University; organized regular visits of American professor of psychology from Argosy University, Virgina Bassi, twice a year in order to organize and carry out trainings for specialist and parents as well as carried out marathons and movie watching for autistic kids.

Frankly speaking, before cooperating with the foundation «Child with future», we didn`t know a lot about autistic kids. But this project has dramatically changed our view of this issue and showed us the importance of helping people with special needs.

The situation with autism in Ukraine appeared to be quite sad: the amount of people aware of this issue is quite low, and the government`s role is minor. But the absence of statistics of people with autism doesn’t mean we don’t have such people. They do exist, and they and their parents suffer huge difficulties.

After consulting the representatives of the foundation, we created SPECTRE, the goal of which is to give online and offline opportunity to gain the skills and experience of working with children with special needs.

We are creating a series of courses that will help people to understand the meaning of the definition autism as well as to teach the methods of working with kids with special needs.

Our project is aimed at four categories: parents, teachers, lecturers and specialists. We offer DESK to our lecturers and specialists as a platform to be used for the complex learning and experience exchange with final certification. We are planning to hold thematic conferences on autism as well as to give access to the newest Western correction methods to our Ukrainian specialists. Besides that, we are helping to spread free and paid literature on autism. For more details about  available books go to

Our Advantages
  • Complex studying from basic knowledge to special methods!

  • Certification for Lecturers and specialists!

  • Access to newest Western correction methods!

  • Syllabus for teachers and specialists working with autistic children!

  • Educational literature and interactive toys for autistic kids and their parents!

  • Conferences, round tables, master classes and other events on autism!