From the very beginning of DESK, in the end of 2015, our team’s dream was to have our own studio. At that time we didn`t have enough money to realize this dream, so we recorded our first lectures in old buildings of “soviet union style”, having basic tech supply and no light equipment. We were inspired by lecturers who worked with us for 6-8 hours in a row despite our poor technical facilities. And within a year and a half of hard and exhausting work, trials and successes we have finally made it. In May 2017 we opened our first studio. It`s hard to express how happy and proud we are for what we`ve created with our own hands. Each member of our team has put their soul into creating this studio. We have created 8 unique locations, each of which has its own authentic style and atmosphere. We are proud to invite lecturers to our studio to record interesting courses and to taste a cup of delicious and aromatic coffee!